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Sponsors of ICOSET 2019 point to importance of training for successful patient outcomes

Last week the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (RCSEd) hosted the International Conference on Surgical Education and Training (ICOSET) 2019. The conference hosted more than 300 delegates from 30 countries and featured an inspiring line-up of internationally renowned speakers, as well as workshops and other significant innovations.

Professor S Michael Griffin OBE, President of the RCSEd, declared: “Our College has hosted many outstanding meetings throughout the years but there can be few that are more relevant and crucial to the future of surgery than this.”

In addition to the delegates and speakers, the RCSEd was grateful for the support of the event sponsors.These included Medtronic, which is working in partnership with those who believe that providing better, more efficient patient care is not only a worthy goal, but an imperative goal. There are 2 people every second, 120 people every minute, and 172,800 people every day who are touched by Medtronic’s medical technologies, services, and therapies. Medtronic operates in 370 locations in 160 countries. It is Medtronic’s Mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend lives.

Representing ICOSET 2019 event sponsor Pentland Medical, sales manager Jamie Munro stated: “With our innovative medical devices and technology, we’re passionate about patient safety and completely identify with the vision of the RCSEd to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients worldwide. RCSEd have a fantastic global reputation and we’ve exhibited with them on a number of occasions over the years. With our headquarters in Edinburgh, we felt that participating in ICOSET 2019 was a tremendous opportunity to support such an important topic as surgical education and to raise awareness of our products among an international audience.” 

EIDO Healthcare were also an ICOSET 2019 sponsor. They specialise in the provision of resources and support around informed consent so that the risk of litigation is minimised. These are crucial medical-legal documents that help consultants, clinicians and patients to keep track of the conversations relating to a procedure and to understand what it involves as well as the risks, benefits and available alternatives. As Ben Standeven, EIDO’s National Account Manager said: “Making sure that surgeons are well-educated and well-trained is obviously key to making sure that the patient outcomes are far better and far more successful. That’s why a conference such as ICOSET is of major importance to the sector and why we’re delighted to support it.”

The international flavor of the ICOSET conference and global spread and quality of the delegates also attracted eoSurgical to attend and sponsor the event. Represented by their co-founder and neurosurgeon, Paul Brennan, they are a surgical education and training company with expertise in accessible and effective simulation. Paul stated: “When you’re so busy operating or seeing patients, it’s difficult to find the time to train. That’s why we decided to develop hardware and software to track performance and facilitate training.”  With simulation such a fundamental aspect of surgical training and continuous professional development these days, Paul and the eoSurgical team were keen to showcase their offer and to have the opportunity to talk first-hand with surgical educators and trainers from around the world.

Represented at the conference by Simon Ford, Professional Education Manager, Olympus Surgical provide high-quality medical technology for minimally invasive surgery - from the single product to system solutions. Simon noted the importance of promoting the education that Olympus are providing surgeons with: “We have a responsibility as a supplier to look after the safe and effective use of our products. For this reason we design our surgical training courses based around procedures, however we also deliver training for the use of our products. What we ultimately focus on in our programs is trying to improve patient outcomes.” 

In wrapping up an enjoyable and crucial conference, Professor Griffin concluded: ”Training is a hugely important part of the future of surgery, but what we’ve really concentrated on in this ICOSET meeting is something very close to the heart of RCSEd, and that is professionalising training.”

RCSEd plays a central role in surgical education and training worldwide. Don’t miss our upcoming events and courses for members and non-members.